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Here's what some of our traveling guests have to say about their stay at our place — In many ways, they express what this experience is like better than we can.

DANIELLE (USA) This place is magical! The people who are a part of this community are incredibly talented and creative. This thriving community has taught me to open up my heart! Thank You so much for the amazing and very healing opportunity.

ANDJELKA (Australia) This community is a rare and special anomaly in this world --- they are the most genuinely kind, generous, warm, accepting, encouraging, hilarious, and fun people you may ever meet! Within an hour of arriving I was in a drum and dance night followed by kirtan, and the opportunity to participate in creative and healing arts continued for my whole two months stay with moving meditation, healing circles, hikes, movie nights, puzzle making, mandala drawing, board games, and writing. I so appreciated the nourishing, organic food cooked with love and intention. The volunteering included helping to build a greenhouse, painting, renovating an RV, cleaning, cooking crew, and helping with events. I learned so SO much by being present and absorbing all the gifts the community has to offer like conscious eating, body energetics, the spiritual path, and true service. I left feeling like I found a soul family and for whatever forces led me to the middle of New Mexico on my travel journey, I am forever blessed!

JOE (USA) If you want to find yourself thru mediation, it's here. If you want to heal yourself with amazing food and beautiful surrounding nature, it's here. If you want to feel motivated by a group of talented people, that's also here! It blows my mind that after just 5 weeks here, I am leaving feeling much healthier, happier, and more in tune with myself than before.

NASIM (Iran) I spent 3 months here, in heaven. The community, the landscape, the food, the activities, all of it has been nothing short of magical. The people in this place, hosts as well as volunteers, gave me one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life and I learnt so many different things, not only about performance, music and healthy food but specially about life, peace, happiness and Love. Thank you so much for sharing this experience with the world!

SLOANE (USA) Yes! Go here! This is the place. I am amazed by how well the other guests' reviews describe my experience here -- profoundly moving. These people are true family and have so much love to give that it is almost embarrassing. Thank you again and fly high.

TEEMU (Finland) Wonderful place and incredible nice, creative, loving and hospitable souls.They were the best hosts I've experienced. You can feel they've been long time on their conscious journeys on a different way each and just being around them is healing. Food is healthy and you have so many nice things available for your use. We went for a nice trips as well. I had to leave too early for my own journey but I'll be definitely back one day! Thank you.

BRAD (USA) They are all hands down, absolutely some of the most heart-centered, creative, kind and conscious people I have ever met. The gratitude I have for them all and to the Universe for connecting us is hard to describe in words. This is a one of a kind, completely amazing and absolutely beautiful place here! I had such an amazing time there. It was my first time visiting New Mexico and wow what a fantastic way to do it.

MEL & SIMON (Germany) You genuinely are rare and such a great group of humans! We are so grateful to have learned from you and appreciate your willingness to share with us. Thank you for your warmth and kindness; thank you for your intoxicating enthusiasm and great humor; thank you for your artistic inspiration and generous smiles. You changed our course for the better.

KAREN (USA) What a haven for healing, creativity, inspiration, beauty, generosity and many good doses of silliness! This place is truly special. I was nurtured by so many wonderful souls from the moment I arrived until I departed in tears. The work was varied, but always done in great company. The sights were amazing. The leadership communicated our tasks clearly. We took amazing weekend road trips. My room was beautiful. Every space was beautiful. The walking labyrinths, the art, the music the wellness, the views, the good food, the depth of spiritual practice and presence... I will forever hold dear this experience.

JONATHAN (France) It was an amazing experience. Everyone is very helpful and nice, and it is easy to fit quickly in if you are willing to give a helping hand (which is why you are here!) I mostly helped them prepare a speed-painting show which was quite funny and instructive, but I also helped cooking and painting. By doing different things, you meet different people, get to know them and share good moments. You can also learn a lot of useful skills I think, if you stay long enough. What is most interesting is that they found a really good balance between a 'business' life (shows, wellness center, etc.) and a spiritual i.e non materialistic mindset, this is rare (at least in Europe) and inspiring. Last but not least, there are people in this place with a great life experience and spiritual education, so you will learn a lot about yourself and develop your potential if you desire to.

JENJOO (USA) I’ve been having difficulty articulating my experience with words because it was so…deepening, rewarding, and full of teachings. The community is very welcoming, warm, so incredibly creative, and does all things with the best of intentions. The property itself is beautiful and the land feels sacred. Conscious eating is encouraged and that translates in the quality of the food. Creative expression is highly supported and encouraged by all. The environment here creates endless opportunities for one to truly go within and inquire the areas of ourselves that need better understanding, more healing. After my 6.5 week stay, I left Tijeras more grounded, a pinch wiser, and with a super full heart. Thank you!!

ELISE (Germany) This opportunity is for all who would like to engage with warm hearted, funny, welcoming and beautiful people. Such beautiful souls working hard to support each other and promoting mindfulness throughout their daily lives made this workaway a wonderful experience and I felt pampered too. Work never really felt like work and we usually worked in groups completing different tasks together. Thank you- thank you- thank you!

ANDREW & SHAY (USA) I don't have enough words for this amazing community. This is the opportunity to be the best version of yourself. If you love art, beautiful views and phenomenal humans, and two adorable dogs, go!

LUCIE (France) Here's what i will remember: a kind and calm time during my travels, full of love and happiness. What a great experience ! It's a really peaceful and a very active place, both at the same time. Between work, daily meditation, puzzle, ping pong, kirtan, movies and karaoke sessions, no time to get bored, and yet it felt so serene.

JENNIFER (USA) I learned a lot from many smart, well-traveled folks, and had so much fun participating in movement classes, kirtan, drum circles, an art workshop, and more! I'm really grateful for my time here. I would recommend it to anyone who is open-minded and looking for inspiration, new ideas, new friends, a taste of the communal lifestyle, and simply somewhere peaceful to stay.

KIANA (Iran) I found everything I needed in this place. Morning movement classes (Thanks to Beautiful Deborah), meditation, drum & dance ( one of my fav), music, dance, performance, and more importantly people that you could get silly with and laugh! I got to learn playing guitar, drawing portrait, vocal practice, and hand drumming.

MARGAY (USA) I spent six amazing weeks with this community and could not have asked for a more heart opening, mind opening, eye opening introduction to community living. The energy of this community is so strong, I had no choice but to grow, expand, and connect deeply while I was there. They are fully committed to living mindfully, consciously and with a total presence that is so hard to come by, it becomes infectious. I feel that they inspired us all to connect to our inner children, to get creative, laugh, perform, be silly, and to also look at ourselves in new ways. The generosity of everyone here is truly special, they make it a priority to make sure you are comfortable, happy, and have everything you need.

JOHANNA (Germany) I can not describe how special this place and these people are. Everybody is so lovely and full of good energy. You'll have the opportunity to learn so many things and the most important thing (in my opinion) is you will learn a lot about yourself and the most important things in life.. To be friendly, happy thankful and respectful to each other. This place has changed my views about life. They taught me that everything is possible. You will have the best and healthiest food three times a day. There are yoga classes in the morning and meditation in the evening. We had great craft evenings where you can learn to make dream catchers and a lot of other things. We had movie nights and a karaoke party! We helped all together to create a new stone labyrinth. I really appreciate my time there and I would come back again! It's absolutely the highlight of my journey! Thank you all for everything!

JOSH & JAMIE (USA) I will start this review off by saying that this community completely nourished our souls in so many ways! This is the sort of place where you will experience many new things, reacquaint with your creative side and dig deeper into your spiritual path. Whatever little spark inside of you that is wanting to break free, but is being stifled by fear, it will be acknowledged and yanked right out of that comfort zone that tends to keep us from growing into the greatest version of ourselves. Every single day was so much fun, even in the tasks we were given to fulfill our work hours. The residents of the Rarebirds community are really some brilliant people who you will show you what it is to be of service to others. With their generosity, kind hearts, and incredible energies they are doing their part and making this world a better place. Thank you Rarebirds for all that you are and do, we hope to see you all again soon!

YULE (Germany) The community cares about every individual a lot and puts a lot of effort to support everyone in their individual needs and to give a home in this world. :) I learned a lot about being present, how important it is and how to be of service, how to shift energies / how to transform emotions, how to work and be conscious about our inner light - just to name a few things. (The list would be endless). We had very transformational meetings about being present, beautiful meditation and movement classes, trips on the weekends, cozy rooms, and beautiful animals. I definitely recommend especially for musicians, butterflies, fairies, angels, or caterpillars who need some support in transformation and a 2nd home.

CHRISTINE (USA) What these people have done - the space they’ve built, the opportunities they have manifested, the joy and love they have cultivated - goes so far beyond what I thought was possible. I knew from the first messages, the first phone call, that their energy was vibrant and joyful, that their creativity was otherworldly, that their generosity was extraordinary. They have blessed me, blessed everyone who has come though, with a space to be, to learn, to grow, to explore our deepest selves. There are countless opportunities to learn new skills and to be a part of their joyful, invigorating, inspiring projects. There is an air of creativity and talent here that I’ve never experienced before — life revolves around building and creating. The food is extraordinary, healthy and mindfully prepared. Every day is different and there are countless opportunities to explore this Land of Enchantment and connect with surrounding nature.

SANDRA (Mexico) This really is a well established community full of playful people who love to have fun and know how to work together! There was rarely a dull moment - always something going on. there's a lot to do for projects around the property as well as things to do during your free time. not to mention they were kind enough to take myself and other volunteers to the hot springs and a few hikes! the food was SO HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS and the accommodation was very generous - your own room/bed and wifi!

MICHAELA & MIKE (USA) We absolutely loved our experience!! The community is overflowing with an abundance of wisdom, love, kindness, beauty, fun, and great healthy nourishing food! We felt so well taken care of, loved the classes and the spirituality and getting to know each person in the community! Lisa is bundle of love, Dan is a wellspring of esoteric wisdom, Debora is nurturing and her art brings so much joy, Jolene is wonderful to talk with and so helpful, Christine makes the food with so much love and intention, Chris’s juggling classes are awesome. The labyrinth and land is magical. The overall energy of the place felt peaceful and comfortable, like home. We loved the work we got to do too! There are things we learned that will stick with us for the rest of our lives, for real!

KIM (Germany) I am almost not able to find the right words to describe my stay at this wonderful little place of earth. I had the most amazing time to stay and work here. Everybody was so nice, interested and welcomed me warm. I enjoyed most the way of communication, being that much in contact with the nature and also seeing the working projects growing. I learned so much while my 4 weeks I was allowed to be part of this magical place. Everyday was so diversified and there was always enough time for myself. I loved the dynamics and spiritual way of living over here.

PHIL (USA) My stay was an enriching and fulfilling experience where I was able to learn quite a bit and have a lot of fun as well. I worked alongside some very skilled members who taught me quite a bit. I felt as though I was an asset and of value to the community and thus felt connected. Throughout my stay there were many creative workshops and live performances (musical and comedic), that served to connect us as a community, helped us to blow off steam and everyone was able to express themselves creatively. There are many wonderfully talented, very interested people who take a vested interest in the volunteers making for a very enjoyable stay. This is a great place to hone artistic/creative skills, learn and develop spiritual practices and gain hands-on building/restoration experience.

OSCAR (Chile) It was such a beautiful experience, from the first contact with Lisa and Dan, to my arrival and all throughout my stay everyone made me feel so welcomed, It truly felt like home. There is activities going on all week, like Meditation, Joggling, Writing, Vocalization. The food itself is a whole experience, it was so healthy and delicious, truly incredible! The accommodations were Great too, My Room had a window where I could see the sunrise every morning, and all the common places were Clean and organized. This is a great opportunity to get Healthy and to learn new things as there is plenty of knowledge available. I’m grateful I could spend time in this thriving community, Thank you all.

DAVID (USA) This was one of the best Workaway experiences I have had. I have stayed in intentional communities before, but this was the largest and most active. The place is loaded with instruments and art supplies, and during my stay, I had the opportunity to take classes in percussion, creative writing, and intentional movement. There are frequent group meditations as well. Kirtan nights were by far my favorite activity. The whole community comes together to sing sacred hymns together, followed by a rock jam session (you will find your singing voice--trust me!) If you get the opportunity to visit, take it. These places are some of the most loving, grounded, and generous individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting, and I certainly hope to return soon!

LAURA (France) When I first read the comments about this place I couldn’t believe it, how all off this could even be possible ?! Trust me, it does ! Those people are the nicest I’ve ever met in my entire life, and they’re all in the same place, yay !! A bunch of really multi-talented and humble people :) Lisa, you’re just incredibly nice, always a soft voice and a kind word to say :) Lisa will take good care about you future travelers, you can be assure to have everything you need ! You can feel the energy of Dan & Deborah in everyone and everything in this incredible place.

SHANNON & JOE (USA) THE MOST INSPIRING, ENTERTAINING, HEALTHY & ORGANIC WORKAWAY!!! The beautiful family of humans that operate and live intentionally with grace, compassion, care and consideration here is simply phenomenal!!! We have never felt so welcome, been fed so well or worked with such kind people! We learned so much helping build a casa, landscaping, meditating, dog walking, juggling, drumming, guitar lesson-ing, creative writing, playing games, singing and dancing together. And all with organic deliciously prepared home cooked meals!! We also got to use their expensive high tech hydromassager, infrared lights sauna, biomats, whole body vibration therapy, and know these treatments in a spa would be hundreds of dollars! You can use them daily at no charge!!! AMAZING!!! My skin cleared up and we felt amazing!!!

NATACHA (France) Gratitude, gratitude and more gratitude to everyone in the community and all the folks who made my stay so wonderful. Thank you for everything. This intentional community is full of joy and positive vibes. People are open, sensitive and understanding. These are probably the kindest and most generous people I have ever met. They are also creative, dynamic and insightful. You will be made to feel welcome and cared for. The food is delicious and prepared with love. Daily movement and meditation classes are open to all and provide a lovely rhythm to the day as well as offering more insight into the community’s intention. Most of all I learned a lot, about myself, life and my intentions and how to build a lasting community.

ETHAN (USA) I planned on staying for one week, and ended up staying six weeks with this incredibly kind and loving community of extremely talented and creative artists, musicians, performers, philosophers, and so on! From day one I was welcomed with open arms. Every member of the community went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed. The meals were all healthy, delicious and plentiful. The work I did varied from day to day, so there were always opportunities to learn new skills and help in different capacities. This is also the most organized Workaway I have experienced. I really can't say enough to express how much I enjoyed my time in Tijeras! I highly recommend this experience for anyone who is interested in developing a deeper connection with nature (the mountains and hiking in the area is spectacular), and also for those interested in exploring and connecting with their higher self - there is plenty of opportunity for that!

JOANNA (Spain) My experience in this community has been really amazing! I don't have words to say thank you so much Lisa and all the members of this beautiful community! Everybody there is a wonderful person. They are generous, kind, open mind, creative and much more! The sleeping place was unbelievable: everything organized, very clean, spacious and with a wonderful views!

SOPHIA (USA) For your genuine interest in me and my lived experience, attentiveness during conversations, eagerness to take the time to teach me new skills, desire for collaboration from me and the other guests, your creative spirits and awesome dedication to your individual crafts, your thoughtful words and caring actions will bring me back again to see you and check up on the property—THANK YOU.

KATIE (USA) I am truly humbled by the generosity and love that I experienced from these beautiful souls. I felt wholeheartedly welcomed as I arrived in the midst of karaoke night, where Lisa had saved me a plate of dinner and we jammed out to the Spice Girls and Queen. I enjoyed helping prepare some of the meals which were always eaten communally, visiting an art exhibition Santa Fe with fellow workawayers, and participating in the morning meditation class. It was heartening to see a well-established intentional community thriving and so filled with joy, healing, and love. This is an experience I will carry with me for a long while.

COLIN (USA) This was a one-of-a-kind experience! Everyone in the community was so kind, generous, and accommodating. I felt immediately accepted when I arrived. The community consists of about 20 people, and everyone respected my personal space and individuality. I would absolutely recommend these folks to anyone interested in intentional communities. They are definitely doing things right, seeing as they have been together for over 40 years. It’s impossible to sum up in words how great these people are! There is such a strong sense of positivity in this community!

NATACHA (France) Gratitude, gratitude and more gratitude to everyone in the community and all the folks who made my stay so wonderful. Thank you for everything. This intentional community is full of joy and positive vibes. People are open, sensitive and understanding. These are probably the kindest and most generous people I have ever met. They are also creative, dynamic and insightful. You will be made to feel welcome and cared for. The food is delicious and prepared with love. Daily movement and meditation classes are open to all and provide a lovely rhythm to the day as well as offering more insight into the community’s intention. Most of all I learned a lot, about myself, life and my intentions and how to build a lasting community.

BELLA (USA) Accurately mentioned in the beginning of their profile, this is most definitely a unique opportunity! If you are at all interested in intentional community living, I would highly recommend checking this place out. I would say to be prepared to meet some of the most interesting, educated, and caring individuals you could ever hope to meet. If you are open to it, there is so much to learn, opportunity to grow, and friendships to be made. Thank you Lisa and everyone else in the community for making me feel so welcomed and providing the most positive and inspiring travel experience yet!

ULANDA (USA) I couldn't have asked for a better Workaway experience. This is a vibrant, creative community in which visitors are welcomed with open hearts and minds. The communal atmosphere is lovely with delicious and healthy shared meals, plenty of time for good conversation, and fun gatherings and outings. They also offer both physical and mental space in the forms of clean, pleasant privet rooms and the beautiful outdoors to take time for yourself. The work is often tailored to individual's strengths and preferences and it is very reasonable. Also, you have the whole weekend to do what you please. I am thankful to have spent time here on my trip in the Southwest.

CATHERINE (USA) The individuals in this community were so welcoming, fun, interesting and talented, WOW! These were truly the most amazing and generous hosts I have encountered so far. They went above and beyond to enjoy the company of their guests and to provide opportunities to experience New Mexico. The food was AMAZING! I looked forward to all 3 meals. There are always plenty of options and the food is organic and very tasty. Last, they have morning and evening meditation classes most days of the week 7am and 5pm (totally voluntary) which were so relaxing. A great way to awaken the body and calm the mind.

REBECCA (USA) If you are in search of good vibes, open-mindedness, creative atmospheres, fulfilling work (inner & outer), adventure, scenic beauty, delicious healthy food, connecting with a friendly diverse bunch of characters, and more, this is the place for you :-). Truly, I have learned so much. I now feel confident in drawing feathers, weaving dream catchers, and creating walkable labyrinths. There are daily meditations (morning and afternoon), drum and dance night (Monday), healing meditation on Sundays, movie nights, themed art projects, performance art, singing, and group outings on the regular. All meals are provided for and done so with cleanliness and loving intent. You get your own room which is amazing for those of us who like to unwind privately and have quiet time to read or do whatever. This place was truly a savior for me and am so thankful to everyone for making me feel welcome and acknowledged.

FELIX (USA) It was an honor to get to be part of this sanctuary. I was welcomed in by everyone with open arms and warm hearts. I was offered Vegan options at every meal, THANK YOU!!! The house and the rooms are all clean and comfortable. There's so many opportunities here to participate in meditation, music, dancing, crafts, and art. What's really special is how much the people here really want to help you grow spiritually, become your best self, and to help you serve the world in the best way you possibly can. I found my experience to be incredibly healing and very fun!!!

JESSIE (USA) Okay, where the heck do I start? We stayed here for over a month. This place is one of those extremely rare finds that softens your heart and heal your perspective on life. These people are incredibly kind to the point your heart is overflowing with an overwhelming amount of gratitude you're not quite sure what to do with. From daily meditation classes to enchanted trail hikes under magical skies, to starry nights and nutritious food you'll never want to leave. Not to mention the people who make this place so wonderful. Thank you Lisa for all your help and support. We hope to be back soon to visit.

KELSEY (USA) My heart is bursting at the seams! Deeply imbued with kindness, compassion, and wisdom, this community is heaven on earth, paradise incarnate. Previous to arriving here, I had no idea what I was missing. I had no idea how dried up and shut off my sense of self was. Through loving interactions compounded over the last eight months, I feel like a new beautiful person. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone here for all of the generosity that I have been shown. I’ve learned that a little light and a little love can break any crust—thank you for breaking mine! <3 <3

RYAN (USA) The most lovely of places, the most lovely of people, and the most lovely of times. I will forever be grateful for the time I spent in Tijeras. Go and they will truly love you exactly the way you are. A place of love and life, and a place of service to others. I couldn’t have planned a better way to spend 5 weeks. See you again soon family.

AMY (USA) Words cannot describe how welcome I felt at this community, unfortunately, I was only able to stay for a short while as I was moving quickly through the states. I worked in the kitchen and outside in the garden and loved doing both, there was also plenty of personal time for journalling, meditation and using the beautiful labyrinths for walking meditation. It was very inspiring to connect with like-minded people on my travels and loved the morning yoga and intentional movement classes. Thank you for making me feel so welcome and sharing your knowledge with me! Such a magical place.

AUGUST & RIVER (USA) We only spent two weeks here but left with plans to come back and the feeling of really being part of the community. It felt as if we had known each other for years already. We couldn't have asked for a nicer experience while in New Mexico. The vibe here is pure magic with an undertone of family. Everyone is so welcoming, friendly, and in a true yoga state of mind. The accommodations are amazingly cozy. The food is super tasty and healthy. (Thank you Sarah and Christine!) The free yoga and meditation classes are wonderful. (Thank you Deborah!) The property is amazing too and the work is super easy and varied. Working with Neil is always fun, he'll teach you a lot in a very short amount of time. We were so happy to be a part of multiple parties and a road trip out of state while staying here just two weeks. If you want to know how an intentional community is supposed to be run, this is the place to check out.

ALEX & VICTOR (USA) Our three weeks here were absolutely beautiful! We will keep every person we met in our hearts! The virus made it a little more of a challenging time to visit, but everyone wanted to make it possible for us to stay. We had two weeks in quarantine, but steps were taken to make sure we got fed and were doing okay. Our third and final week, we were able to participate in the group classes and help with some projects around the property, and we felt very much a part of the community. We would have loved to have been able to stay longer, but we will return again! A big thanks to Lisa for everything! Thank you for your kindness, attentiveness, and for great conversations!

TRISTEN (USA) I made some incredible connections with people there and was able to discover new insights about myself through daily meditation and the spiritual practices I learned. I was able to progress with my creative pursuits and had a blast performing in front of others. Everyone in the community is very creative and every night of the week there was a different activity going on whether that be creative writing, mandala drawing, meditation or my favorite activity, which was Off the Wall, the wacky, low pressure talent shows we would have every week. The property was beautiful, the accommodation very comfortable, and the meals were unbelievably delicious, organic and healthy. Needless to say I got into great shape during my stay. Everyone was very loving and warm and leaving that place was incredibly hard. A piece of my heart will always remain in New Mexico with that incredible community. If you are a creative person with an interest in learning more about yourself then this place is the place for you!

THOMAS (USA) As a community, I found them to be exceptionally kind and positive people with strong artistic flavor and a hard-working ethic. The work they asked me to do was fair and I even learned a thing or two, which I appreciated. They have their own community schedule or events, from movement meditation in the mornings to karaoke once a week. I would say their version of spirituality from what I experienced is more embodied. I would easily come back some day!

ANGELA (USA) I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to stay with this community for a lil over a month - I learned and experienced a lot through morning mindful movement classes, deep conversations with community members/travelers, the tasks that I was assigned and a variety of workshops/jam sessions. Everyone here lives with intention, incorporates spirituality in their lives and embodies kindness.

WILLOW (USA) I was constantly surprised at how much more amazing this experience was than I could have hoped for! My fellow Workawayers and I often commented on how lucky we were to be there... especially in a time of international chaos (pandemic). I enjoyed the variety of classes offered and loved that they always left room in their busy schedules for creativity, whether in the form of a Short Story class led by Christine, a comical variety show that would leave us all in tears of laughter, a moving mediation, a drum & dance class or (my fav) a karaoke session backed by an incredible live house band. Everyone in the community is hilarious, sweet, extremely hardworking and talented. The accommodations were lavish with lots of great perks. Often, it felt like I was on retreat at a high-end resort. I met a few friends for life there, and went on some great adventures-- hiking the beautiful foothills nearby, getting to know the Neigh!-boring horses, exploring the Sandia Mountain range, and even (socially distancing) day trips to breathtaking springs and lakes with my new pals. There was so much to do there and so many creative opportunities, I don't think it is possible to be bored in such a place. The food was always lovingly-prepared, healthy and delicious. I deeply enjoyed stargazing at night and wandering the whimsical walking trails. I have such deep appreciation for this community and appreciate that Lisa & Dan took a chance on hosting me.

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