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Work Exchange

Since discovering work exchange platforms like Workaway and HelpX nearly five years ago, we have hosted more than 250 travelers from around the world!

Read on to explore a work exchange with the Rare Birds community.

Image by Delila Ziebart

Work Expectations

  • We ask our guests to work five hours a day, five days a week.

  • Work varies daily depending on our needs at the time, but it can include cleaning, construction, pet care, garden harvest, kitchen help, painting, landscaping, and much more.

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Lodging & Food

  • All guests have a private room with bedding and towels provided

  • Bathrooms are shared throughout the community

  • Three gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, and 90% organic meals are provided, 7 days a week.

  • Coffee, tea, and filtered water are always available


Activities Open to All

  • Daily meditation, intentional movement, and mindfulness workshops

  • Craft nights, creative workshops, live music nights, games and puzzles 

  • Weekend hiking, hotspring, and adventure trips

  • Tarot and astrology readings available by request


Length of Stay

  • An ideal initial visit is between 2-4 weeks

  • Extended stays may be pre-arranged or discussed during your initial visit. 

  • We welcome extended stays! If space is available, preference is given to those who enjoy participating in community classes and events and have a sincere interest in exploring the mindfulness activities the community has to offer.

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  • The application process:

    • Get in touch through Workaway, HelpX, or the Contact page

    • ​1-2 phone calls, preferably video​​

    • Submit application questionnaire

    • Confirm dates for initial visit

  • Still have questions? Please send us a message through the contact form or email

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